I went to Amsterdam dance event 2019 ~vol.1~


In October of this year, I went to the Amsterdam dance event (ADE for short) , in the Netherlands.

The outline of ADE is,

  1. DJ performances will be held in clubs, some hotels, and in stations throughout Amsterdam.

2. DJ Mag’s Top100 of the year will be announced (within an event called AMF)

3. In addition to night club events, in the daytime you can also attend conferences (famous producers have panel discussions and have presentations on how to create songs) and meetings with various music companies (described later).
(Photo below is Orjan Nilsen’s presentation)

4. There are two types of ADE tickets.
-Night club event ticket (valid only for each event)
-Tickets for the entire ADE event (can participate in daytime conferences and night events)

5. If you purchase a ticket for the entire ADE event, you can create a My Page on ADE’s social network on the web.

6. If you create a My Page account, you may receive messages from various music companies.

7. If you are interested in receiving messages from the music companies, you can set the MTG within ADE.

At first I was going to participate in ADE in order to enjoy the night club events, but when I received their message (see above, No. 7) , I was surprised & suspicious at first….
But I was curious, and I set up a MTG with them.
The discussion in the MTG was very interesting, and I felt that it was most valuable to be able to participate in this MTG and daytime conference (such as a songwriting presentation by a producer who belongs to Armada).

From vol.2 onwards, I would like to write in line with my actual day-to-day movements and experiences traveling!