I went to Amsterdam dance event 2019 ~vol.2~


From vol.2, I will write in line with my actual day-to-day movements and experiences traveling.

I traveled from Narita Airport and transited in Hong Kong to Amsterdam with Cathay Pacific.
As far as I researched, Cathay Pacific is not expensive compared to other airlines, and since it is a member of the One World Alliance, I can earn JAL miles.
(Depending on the reserved class)

After arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, I went to the hotel by train and subway.
In Amsterdam, there is the “OV-chipkaart” like “Suica” in Japan.
Trains, subways, trams, etc. can be taken with the “OV-chipkaart”.
This is very convenient.
The “OV-chipkaart” can be purchased at a train ticket machine, and I purchased it at a ticket machine.
It should be noted that there is no so-called “ticket gate” for trains.
(I think there are many stations that don’t have ticket gates in Europe.)
At Schiphol Airport, before getting on the escalator to enter the station, there is a place where I scan the “OV-chipkaart” (check-in).
If you forget this, the original price plus fines will be deducted from the “OV-chipkaart” at checkout. Please keep that in mind.
The subway has a ticket gate, so we can not enter without scanning on “OV-chipkaart”.

Got off the subway, walked a few minutes and I arrived at the hotel.
The hotel used to be a church and the atmosphere was very good!
I left my luggage and ate breakfast.

Since there was time until check-in, I took a walk to the wristband exchange venue.
When I saw Martin Garrix’s “WELCOME HOME” poster, I thought “Oh, I came to Amsterdam!”

I arrived at the exchange venue and received a name card with my name on it and my wristband.
I also got an ADE bag.

I attended several talk sessions, ate lunch, and returned to the hotel.

This day, from the evening to the night, I was invited to an event hosted by a Japanese DJ who contacted me via ADE’s My Page.
But I didn’t sleep much in the airplane, and I was going to take a break for a few hours at the hotel …
But I got up at midnight…
And I couldn’t go to the event …
(After that, I contacted the Japanese DJ and I promised to do MTG at a later date.)

Since I was in Amsterdam, I wanted to enjoy the night club event!
And I went to an event (Club Mystique) featuring Orjan Nilsen, Ruben de Ronde, Mark Sixma and more!
I used Uber because the subway and tram were not running because it was after midnight.
I thought Uber was convenient …!
The capacity of the club was about 300 people and it was my first overseas club, but it was fun!

After the event, I returned to the hotel using Uber and went to bed.
The first day was over.

To be continued to vol.3.