I went to Amsterdam dance event 2019 ~vol.3~


Oct.17th.2019 Second day.

On this day, I went to Amsterdam Central Station to look for souvenirs.
When I entered the station, I was surprised that there were several DJ booths in the station, making it some of the ADE venues.
Oh my gosh, there were DJ booths in the station …
And there was a pianist playing a piano in the station.
The city was full of music and I was impressed that the Netherlands is a truly wonderful country.

After that, I moved to the “ROKIN” area where the Armada masterclass would be held. And I ate lunch.

I wanted to attend the Armada masterclass on the next day, but I had time on this day, so I went to the venue as a preview.

The view from the rooftop of the building was so beautiful.

The next day, there were two meetings early in the morning, so I went back to the hotel early and had dinner.
I went to a ramen shop about 20 minutes on foot from the hotel! It was delicious!

The second day was over.
To be continued to day 3(vol.4).