I went to Amsterdam dance event 2019 ~vol.4~


Oct.18th.2019 Third day.

On this day, I had a meeting with a Japanese DJ who could not meet on the first day (see vol.2) at a cafe.
He said that he was also DJing in Amsterdam, and was also introducing Japanese DJs to events in Amsterdam.
I was able to hear a very curious story.

After that, I went to an Indonesian restaurant for lunch.
Indonesian dishes has been established in the Netherlands because Indonesia was the former colony.
I ordered a meat dish, and it was characterized by sweet seasoning.

After lunch, I had a meeting with a music company at “Del La Mar”.
This is a company that monitors the broadcasting status of my songs on TV and radio, and allocates usage fees from broadcasting stations.
(It was an impression similar to “Jasrac” in Japan (but the copyright does not transferred.))
This was also a very cool experience.

After that, I moved to “ROKI” where the venue of Armada masterclass.
I was looking forward to Armin van Buuren’s masterclass …
I arrived 45 minutes before the class, but I couldn’t enter due to entry restrictions …
(The staff said “Do not enter until Armin is finished”)

I was so sad, but I was able to enter after a while (after Armin was finished), and I was able to attend the Orjan Nilsen’s masterclass.

It was about an hour, but it was very helpful.

And I attended other producer’s masterclass too.
After this, I went to the hotel.
To be Continued to day 4.