I went to Amsterdam dance event 2019 ~vol.5~


Oct.19th.2019 Fourth day.

On this day, I went to a venue called “De Brakke Grond” from 11 o’clock because there was a presentation of software called “Liveloop”.
It was software that gave a live performance while using various loop materials.
And it took place as a live performance using this software.

After that, there was an area where old and new synths and DJ equipment were exhibited in this venue, so I checked it out.
It motivated me due to the large amount of equipment!
Originally, I started playing music from keyboards and synthesizers, so it looked very interesting.
(I have been wanting to buy it for a long time … moog …)

Next, I went to a sushi restaurant for lunch.
When I go abroad, I want to go to a sushi restaurant in that country at least once.
This is because I’m curious about how it tastes.
Amsterdam’s sushi … Hmmm, I can’t complain.

After having lunch, I took a walk through the city and then returned to the hotel for a break.
That night’s main event was AMF (Amsterdam music festival)! !

I arrived at the venue “Johan Cruijff Arena”.

I waited in line and held my participation certificate over the QR code at the entrance, there was an error! ?
A staff told me, “You can’t enter in with this participation certificate. You have to redeem the ticket.”
* In other ADE events, I can enter by just showing my participation certificate or wristband.
And I went to the exchange office to redeem my ticket …
A staff member told me, “The exchange to ADE ticket holders was over! (The exchange limit has been reached)”!!
Oh my gosh … but I couldn’t help it, so I had to give up …
Instead, I decided to make the best of the night and went to another event called “This is trance”.
This was held at another venue on the same day.

I returned using the subway, I arrived at the venue “Panama”!

The venue was very busy, and admission was restricted.
I waited in line for a while (I chatted a little with the Taiwanese people behind me), and finally I got in!

The venue was full of excitement and I felt “it was Amsterdam!”.
And I could feel the atmosphere of a real club.
When I was watching my smartphone in the hall, two foreigners (I didn’t know) posed in front of me …? ?
I wonderd, and the men told me “I thought you wanted to take a photo of me!”!
No, I just touched my smartphone! And I left the place (I didn’t take a picture)
But, they were really happy-go-lucky! I felt good!!

The next day, I returned to Japan by airplane about noon.

The fun Amsterdam trip was over.
It was great I went because I had such a valuable experience.
I want to go again … and I want to appear (DJing) if possible …! !